Watch: DeMarcus Lawrence Postgame Week 14

December 13, 2021

DeMarcus Lawrence

After a dramatic week where Dallas Cowboys' head coach Mike McCarthy "guaranteed" a win against the Football Team, Washington did their fair share of trash talking prior to the game as well, hoping to prove that McCarthy spoke too soon. In the end, the Cowboys would ultimately live up to the hype, securing the foreshadowed win with a 27-20 victory in Fedex Field. 

Veteran defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence continued to solidify his leadership role within the Cowboys defense. Thanks to the defensive line pressuring the passer and tight man coverage down field, the Football Team was stopped late in the 4th quarter by the Cowboys D on a drive that could have tied the game at 27-27. This was one of many drives that the defense looked to be on the same page and operating as a unit. 

Following the game, Lawrence spoke briefly about his thoughts on the team's performance and what he sees the future holding. Catch what he had to say below. 

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